Musikkoperatørene AS

Musikk­ope­ra­tø­rene er et salgs- og distri­bu­sjons­kontor for norske plate­sel­skaper, med ansvar for ca. 200 norske plate­sel­skap. Musikk­ope­ra­tø­rene blir distri­buert via Diskos Distri­bu­sjon AS (Rjukan). Musikk­ope­ra­tø­rene jobber først og fremst med norsk musikk, men har i tillegg en liten import­virk­somhet. Blant de mest kjente selska­pene som selges via Musikk­ope­ra­tø­rene finner du: Grappa, Gram­mofon, Riot Factory, Kirkelig Kultur­verk­sted, Barne­sel­skapet, Simax Clas­sics, MTG, Rune Gram­mofon, Hot Club Records, Curling Legs, Heilo, Aurora, Odin, MBS – Farmen, Berg­land, St.Cecilia Music, Divi­sion, 2L, Dat, NORCD, SOFA, Duipp­idit, Herman Records, Aim Music, Jazzaway Records, Nidelven Gram­mofon, Buen Kultur­verk­sted, Talik og Trust Me Records.

Musikk­ope­ra­to­rene (MO) offers a rich variety of Norwe­gian high quality CD’s, and is the distri­butor of about 20 large and 50 small inde­pen­dent labels, – in Norway and for export. The main focus is on jazz, clas­sical and ethnic/folk music, and the most impor­tant labels are: Rune Gram­mofon, Simax Clas­sics, Hot Club Records, 2L, Grappa, Aim Records, Jazzaway, NOR-CD, Curling Legs, Heilo, Aurora, Odin, Major­Studio, MTG, NKF and Herman Records. Many of the releases are considered to be among the finest audio­p­hile recor­dings, and are highly appreciated throug­hout the world. The Norwe­gian music scene offers both estab­lished and new artists on an inter­na­tional level. It is said that no other country in the world have as many musi­cians compared to the popu­la­tion. Check it out!


Musikkoperatørene AS

Musikk­ope­ra­tø­rene AS
Org​.nr: 974684144
Besøks­adresse: Dron­nin­gens gate 16, 0152 Oslo

Kontakt­person: Jeanette Stigen
Telefon: 23 31 01 20
E‑post: js@​musikkoperatorene.​no

Web: https://​www​.musikk​ope​ra​to​rene​.no