Manuzio is a new inde­pen­dent record label based in Oslo. Manuzio will be a record label where art and music meet. Each project will involve a colla­bo­ra­tion between an artist and a musi­cian, and each release will have a unique visual execution and will be laun­ched in connec­tion with an art exhibition.

Manuzio is not a label looking for one type of music or one type of art. Instead, we let the projects we produce develop our profile in several direc­tions. Our task is to find good musi­cians and artists regard­less of genre and to help them further and estab­lish fruitful and inter­e­s­ting colla­bo­ra­tive projects.

Manuzio has taken its name from the Italian publisher Aldo Manuzio, who in the 16th century intro­duced italics and semico­lons in the art of book prin­ting, and who published the first paper­back books in history. Manuzio is also the name of the unscru­pu­lous publisher who in Umberto Eco’s novel “Foucault’s Pendulum” lures money from budding writers who dream of being recog­nized as writers. Through constructed events and fictitious public reviews, the “victims” are given the impres­sion that their books are being laun­ched in a large context, while in reality only a small number of books are printed for the author. The name is an ironic allu­sion to the situa­tion for many artists and musi­cians, and perhaps most of all in the music industry, where it is harder than ever to make a living as a musi­cian. First, the record sales vanished, and lately, the opport­u­nity to play live has also disappeared. We will do our best not to be like the publisher in Eco’s book. 

A portrait of Aldo Manuzio and an itali­cized text font from one of his publi­ca­tions is used in our logo.


Org​.nr: 926194526
Besøks­adresse: Pile­stredet 79B, 0354 Oslo
Telefon: 91530662
E‑post: asle@​livestation.​no
Kontakt­person: Asle Dal

Web: www​.manuzio​.no
face­book: face​book​.com/​m​a​n​u​c​i​o​m​u​sic/