Fysisk Format/Tiger Safari

Since 2008, Fysisk Format has been a consis­tent provider of musical expres­sions out of the ordi­nary. Through digi­ta­li­sa­tion and media revo­lu­tions, Fysisk Format has remained a reli­able inde­pen­dent source of new music for the daring listener.

We’re not here to produce hits, our we’re here to change the world one record at the time.

Fysisk Format is run from the base­ment of Tiger records. Most of the bands we are working with are in one way or another connected to the shop and the scene around it, either as custo­mers, friends or through selling their demos here.


Fysisk Format/Tiger Safari
Org​.nr: 976858255
Besøks­adresse: Hammers­borg­gata 18, 0181 Oslo, Norge
Post­adresse: Post­boks 8828 YOUNGSTORGET, 0028 OSLO

Telefon: 22207350
E‑post: kz@​fysiskformat.​no

Kontakt­person: Kris­tian Kallevik
Mobil: 97685523