The music captured by 2L features Norwe­gian compo­sers and perfor­mers and an inter­na­tional reper­toire reflected in the Nordic atmos­phere. The immer­sive recor­dings not only trans­form the entire liste­ning expe­ri­ence but also – more radi­cally – these inno­va­tive recor­dings over­turn some very basic concepts regar­ding how music is composed and performed. 2L empha­sizes immer­sive audio with Pure Audio Blu-ray and HiRes file distri­bu­tion and stre­aming, and has garnered no less than 36 American GRAMMY nomi­na­tions, 28 of these in craft cate­go­ries Best Engi­neered Album, Best Surround Sound Album, and Producer of the Year. This year the album LUX won the GRAMMY for Best Immer­sive Audio. 

The beauty of the recor­ding arts is that there is no fixed formula and no blue­print. It all comes out of the music. Every project starts out by digging into the score and talking with the composer, if contem­po­rary, and the musi­cians. It is not our task as produ­cers and engi­neers to try to re-create a concert situa­tion with all its commer­cial limi­ta­tions. On the contrary; we should make the ideal out of the recor­ding medium and create the stron­gest illu­sion, the sonic expe­ri­ence that emotio­nally moves the listener to a better place.



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